nihh dia discussion text gue buat tugas bhs,inggris


What does your religion say about the principle conviction of human? Every religion says about holiness as the origin of human. The human isn’t a snake or tiger, the animal which has natural weapon to kill. So, do you agree to capital punishment (death penalty) ? If you agree, try to think it over and try to get the real reason.

The people who carry on the capital punishment usually have the same reason. It used for making the criminal never repeat their criminality and to prevent the people to do the same things (same criminality).

In fact, the capital punishment always be a model of grudge revenge by governments. The capital punishment is a final decision. The criminal doesn’t have a chance for changing, revise their mistake and compensation with another things. Naturally, every human is reliable. The consequence, every human has did the criminal and potency to revise their self. So, as fellow man, we should mutually help and prevent the criminality based of unbalance emotional.

There are many ways and chances to prevent our people from the horrible human tragedy. It needs high try to do this. Morality, cooperation, and the humanization are need, but our people have too small size to apply it. The country with the strong law will be wise to judge its people.

M. Rasyid Aziz

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