Safe Home Wiring

Electricity is the most important technological discoveries of mankind. It was created as source power of human life. It actuates the industries, technologies, and homes. Now, we definitely meet electricity everywhere. We should know that electicity has voltage, current as its basic component. They distributed by electrical wiring.

Basically, human beings spend their quality time at home, a place which has enough electricity power, with others. Every home has the standard electrical installations. The installations content the permanent wiring and electrical fittings (switches, socket outlets, lighting outlets). The main generator supplies huge voltage, capacity and currents. It’s distributed by the long wire then that huge energy is converted by transformator (trafo) to each home with lower energy capacity. The electrical installation should be safe in distributing currents and hold the voltage to prevent fire.

Electrical wirings are usually blamed as the main cause of fireplace accidents. It may be observed that incorrect utilization of using appliances. This accident is dangerous to everyone, especially children.

In finding safety solution of electrical wiring, let analyse the basement wiring system. Why basements? The basement is a very practical place to have our electrical systems installed because of design considerations as well as keeping it away from kids who might accidentally get electrocuted or any other incidents with your family. The person who is working with the appliances may anytime faces with electrocuted. This is the primary reason behind the individuals who skilled from electrocuted as the electrical wiring is grounded.

Electrical installations can age and become overloaded, particularly in old homes where the original wiring may not adequately meet the requirements for the number of electrical appliances in use today. In the other side, basements are usually dusty, moldy and humid environments - the best place for insects, rats, and pests that can cause chaos with basement electrical wiring systems. So, we must regularly check the components and change the broken components.

We should be attentive about the wiring. The less risk, efficient, practical design are the main priority, keep it away from kids and the over capacity of using appliances. In everythings we do, safety first.

-M. Rasyid Aziz-

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